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Land of Fire and Ice

There’s a reason Iceland is referred to as the land of fire and ice. The hot glow of the eruption from the Icelandic volcano Bardarbunga is seen underneath the cool and ethereal haze of the aurora borealis.

(Image credit: Gísli Dúa Hjörleifsson)

Bardarbunga Webcam




a snake wearing a top hat and mustache that is all

ah mr sneky,i see u r wering ur fance top

how dare u sir, u disturb my paper towel substrate and rotate same with no gentlemanly warning, i demand satisfaction





does anybody else think tired and sleepy mean two totally different things

sleepy is cute and dozing off and happy but tired is 10 cups of coffee and murder


reblogging because the last graphic comment is FLAWLESS

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Masterful origami artist Brian Chan (previously featured here) designed and created these awesome origami hermit crabs using squares of laminated unryu, Origamido paper, and marbled thai paper.

Click here to view Brian’s diagrams of the crease patterns used to fold these awesome critters.

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Some modern dryads I did between commissions ! Tree ladies are so much fun to draw.

Here are Oak, Willow, Birch tree, Pine and Cherry tree.

cute cute cute

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aermin said: I think I'm missing some details. Can you help me by clarifying your point about emotional manipulation? I think I see where you're coming from, but I don't quite get why it specifically is a bad thing, both here and in general. Also, why does someone's age make a big difference? I always thought you should treat all people the same, no matter how old or young they are? What do you think?


if youre 34 years old, youre expected to show some form of maturity. if youre 34 years old, its not socially acceptable to go about picking fights with teenagers on the internet. its not acceptable for you to call 14 year olds dumbasses over a misunderstanding that they have apologized for, no matter how deep you shove your head in the sand, or how much you cover your eyes and pretend you didnt see it.

if youre a large voice in a fandom, same thing. you have a responsibility to uphold, and a large amount of people who would bend over backwards to get your attention, as well as a lot of impressionable people who look up to you. you have a role to maintain. you have importance to some degree.

when youre 14, youre allowed to be a kid. you can be immature, you aren’t expected to uphold huge responsibility. there are laws protecting you from that in some countries, and according to tumblrs community guidelines, youre not allowed to harass minors, even if you are one. you shouldnt be ridiculed for mistakes, you shouldnt have your emotions toyed with because some dude on the internet wasnt impressed by your lack of sympathy towards him. no one deserves that, but thats exactly what vastderp did.

now, aphpolandofficial did indeed tell him to get hit by a car. but vastderp’s response was gross and uncalled for.


what’s gross and manipulative about it can be seen very clearly in this summing up of what vastderp said: 

‘did this make you feel anything? no? well an animal was involved so are you gonna brush that off too?’

its not the fact that he brought it up, its that he withheld the fact that his dog was injured as well, and used it as a way to incite a reaction, because when he mentioned that he himself was hit by a car, he received a “thats cool” in response. he tried to make them feel sorry for not caring about a stranger on the internet by adding the fact that his dog was involved, and if they didn’t produce the proper, expected sympathetic reaction, no doubt he wouldve plastered their name everywhere about how theyre apathetic towards animals, and that they have no empathy for living beings. if not him, then his buddies would have taken it up while he pretends he had no hand in any of it whatsoever.

that’s pretty low of him to do, especially to a child whos 20 years younger than him. especially when he’s a large voice in a fandom. especially when he has people who look up to him.

Thank you for responding…we haven’t talked before, so I wasn’t sure if you would. Um, I’m sorry if this post gets a little long, but I’m still trying to connect answers to my questions, so I think I rambled a bit.

First, in the conversation you showed me, it’s all rude but doesn’t it seem like the “That’s cool” is the most gross and manipulative of the comments?  Instead of disengaging because they didn’t care, instead of removing themself from a situation with an aggressor if they felt uncomfortable, they tried to put on a show of how much they weren’t effected, and made it worse.  It was like they were deliberately egging things on, and although that’s juvenile behaviour, it is very calculated and demeaning.  Is it just me, or did that bug you, too?

Now I swear this isn’t too much of a tangent, but when I worked in shops in the mall, I was always taught to try to get an emotional response, like a smile, or a story, because that’s how people connect. One of the best ways to find out what a person wanted was to ask questions, introducing more information only later in the conversation - we didn’t want to overwhelm them, and it wasn’t always relevant until we could react to their personal, emotional response! 

Anyway after working those jobs I’ve really noticed how so many social interactions work in just that same way.  Unless you’re making only small-talk, conversations and debate are supposed to manipulate a response, right?  Isn’t that what makes it different from small-talk? Maybe you want the person you’re talking to to feel a certain way.  Maybe you want them to learn something, and to think a certain way.  Maybe you want them to do something they wouldn’t have done if you hadn’t tried to manipulate them!  But it’s not always bad.  Today I donated $5 to a charity I normally wouldn’t have, and my sister talked me into lending her something for who knows how long.  And that’s great, but you know?  It really was because of emotional manipulation.

So, I guess that’s where I’m coming from, which is why I was asking the question about manipulation - where do you see the line between manipulative and abusive, because it seems like you mean one when you say the other, and I’m thrown off because there is a huge difference.  I’m afraid I also still don’t really get your point about the age difference?  What does being 34 have to do with the conversation?  I have met lots of teenagers who are very level-headed, and ohhh so many seniors who don’t have the patience to wait through a stoplight.  We don’t punish the children as harshly when they do something wrong, but we do expect them to live with the consequences when they do something wrong, or treat someone wrong.  I’ve found children tend to have more consequences to minor infractions, because even though they are expected to make mistakes, they are also expected to learn from them so they don’t end up as a rude adult or pushy senior.

Oh, thinking about what you said here, I have another question.  After saying something mean, are you saying that it’s wrong for the person who said it to feel bad?  I want to clarify, because that doesn’t seem right, but it’s the only way I can read it?  I also don’t see how it connects when you’re bringing up different national laws protecting children from …having to be responsible? Like, child labour laws? Or a role that fandom bnfs are supposed to maintain?  I’ve never heard of such a thing… I wish bnfs were held to some kind of standard, like, they had to sign a contract saying they wouldn’t be mean, because boy howdy do I have some stories….

What kind of role do you see someone with many followers having when on the internet?  I know that I would like them to be just and kind, but… they’re just people.  I can’t follow some of my favourite celebrities and authors because I don’t like how they talk to people on their blogs… and they’re not even bnfs, they’re people who I pay for their content. But like I said, they’re just people, and they’re allowed to talk about what they want to talk about.  Even though it would be nice to hold famous people to some standard, it doesn’t really seem to work like that - paparazzi and tabloid writers would all be out of a job!

I just figure, no matter what your age, treat people like how you want them to treat you.  Give everyone respect, right?  Sometimes it might not seem like they deserve it, but “if you can’t actively help someone, to them at least be kind”.

I can only change my own behaviour.  Thank you for helping by answering my questions.

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Map of Titan, the largest moon of Saturn

The global VIMS map of Titan’s surface displayed here as a false-color composite using the VIMS channels at 4.8–5.2 μm as red, at 2 μm as green, and 1.27 μm as blue including Titan’s recent nomenclature (from Stephan et al., 2009). The map is displayed in a simple cylindrical projection centered at 0°N and 180°W.



Halloween Ideas



"Sun Shepherdess" 

Another piece for Imagined Realms!

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